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The Chiromo campus is located in a quite serene environment off Riverside drive and  Waiyaki way/Chiromo Road. It hosts the College of Biological and Physical Science. It boasts of state of the art lecture theaters, the CBPS Library and a couple of resturants.  Chiromo Students Halls of residents is also located here. Other Halls of residence and University stadia are just a walking distance.

The Campus is bounded by Chiromo Road/Riverside Drive and Arboretum Drive (See Google earth map or Map) with access gates off Riverside drive and through the gate off State house road (past St Paul's University Cathedral).

It is approximately five five decimal six (55.6) Acres of land developed with thirty six (36) No. Academic buildings and blocks and one (1No.) residential quarter as described here below:

  1. Faculty of Science Building
  2. Office of The College Registrar/Secretary;
  3. The Department of Chemistry Building;
  4. Prefabricated Timber Building (Between Dept of Chemistry And Faculty of Physical Science Building);
  5. Detergent Production Unit/Department of Chemistry Sales Office;
  6. School of Computing and Informatics Laboratories;
  7. Examination Centre;
  8. Big Lecture Theatre
  9. Animal House;
  10. Animal Experimental Building;
  11. Bungalow House (Behind Chiromo Library;
  12. Chiromo Club;
  13. Department of Medical Physiology Building
  14. Department of Biochemistry Building;
  15. Department of Veterinary Anatomy And Physiology Building;
  16. Department of Human Anatomy Building;
  17. Offices College of Biological & Physical Sciences Buildings;
  18. Equipments Stores and Laboratories;
  19. Block 2;
  20. CEBIB Building;
  21. Chiromo SWA Cafeteria Ablution Block;
  22. Chiromo Student Welfare Authority Cafeteria;
  23. Chiromo Church;
  24.  Mwangaza;
  25. Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory;
  26. Gecaga Institute;
  27. Stores One(1) And Two(2);
  28. Chiromo Library;
  29. Large Lecture Theater;
  30. Millennium One;
  31. Millennium Two;
  32. New Chiromo Funeral  Home
  33. School of Biological Sciences Block 1
  34. UNES Building Chiromo;
  35. Exercise and Cardiovascular Laboratory
  36. Institute of African Studies
    Halls Of Residence Block
    Swa Offices Building
    Double Storey Cafeteria Block
    Electrical Room
    Guard House

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