Water bowsers
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Water supply:

  • Water is supplied from conventional water supply companies that is, the Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company, the Kikuyu Water Services, the Kisumu Water Services and the Lamu Water Services.
  • On average, the University pays a monthly bill of KSh.8million. The department has secured several water meters with the water companies to ensure water is used effectively and efficiently.
  • To supplement the supply from the above sources, the University has sunk sixteen (16No.) Boreholes within the University with each having approximate daily output of 5452.5m3 and  storage capacity of approximately 3344.6m3.
  • The University also has two water bowsers that are used to ferry water to different places including student hostels whenever there is a shortage in supply.

The boreholes are maintained to ensure clean water is being provided. They are serviced oftenly to ensure clean water is consumed.

The 8.4.4 Building borehole was serviced on 15th July 2013 by Insta Pumps Engineering Ltd.

In this year, 2016, it was serviced by Davis & Shirtliff in early April 2016.

See photos of the bowsers


Sewage and Waste Water Disposal System.

Waste disposal is by trunk sewer for the colleges that are connected to the main sewer. There are also septic tanks in the colleges and campuses not connected to the main sewer.