Brief History

Fleet & Logistics Management Section has evolved over a period of time. The main focus of the Section has been the provision of world class, customer-focused transport services to the University. Transportation is a non-separable part of any society, the range and location of activities for various groups within the University vary. It is the responsibility of the Fleet & Logistics Management Section to make sure various groups [staff members & students] are facilitated to reach any location as they fulfill their duties and responsibilities within the University. Since its inception, the Fleet & Logistics Management Section has been under the leadership of the following Heads:



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Prof. Stephen Mutuli

(1994 - 1999)

Currently, Prof. Stephen Mutuli is the Chairman, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of Nairobi

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Prof. Gideon Misoi

(2000 - 2001)

Image removed.Currently, Prof. Gideon Misoi is an Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering,University of Nairobi.


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Prof. Julius Ogola 

(2001 - MAY,2019)

Currently, Dr. Julius Ogola is a Senior Lecturer, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering


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Currently, Dr. David Munyasi is a Senior Lecturer, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

The mandate of the Transport & Garage Section has been expanding and includes the following:

  • Management of transport operations

  • Coordination of Motor vehicle repairs

  • Implementation of transport policies

  • Assessment of University transport needs and identifying required motor vehicles

  • Coordination of procurement of new motor vehicles and disposal of old ones

  • Development of technical specifications of procurement needs

  • Identification of staff needs, recruitment and training

  • Job allocation to staff in transport and garage department

  • Ensuring a safe and clean working environment in the working areas and in motor vehicles


To be a transport service provider committed to excellent service delivery.


To provide transport services to our clients, efficiently and cost effectively.

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