Environmental Sustainability

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Thu, 2017-07-06 13:00

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Main Campus, Council old Chamber

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The Registrar Administration Department,  Mr. G. P. Mbugua together with the central administration evironmental sustainability champion, Ms. Violet Misiko, PC Secretariat Ms. Mwakazi in collaboration with the training section organized for half day environmental sustainability training

for central administration units environmental sustainability champions. The champions dwawn from the central college units were, the twenty - two (22) in number. The training took place on Friday June 23, 2017 at the old Council Chambers from 1.00p.m to 4.30p.m.

The trainers were members of staff namely Prof. Muthama N. from Wangari Maathai Institute Upper Kabete and Dr. Parita Shah of Geography department experts in environmental sustainability aspects.

The participants were drawn from all the 22 units of Central Administration.  They were about 22 members who were trained in Environmental sustainability issues.  Prof. Muthama gave  background information on how the Environmental sustainability came into existence and why the University of Nairobi joint UNEP in the year 2011 to advocate for a green University to improve on the environment.   In the year 2015, the University of Nairobi drafted its first policy on Environmental sustainability.  The policy is in use and available on the University of Nairobi Intranet.

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Click on the link to download Environmental Sustainability materials

Draft EIA Regulations 2017

Waste Management Regulations

UoN Environmental Policy 2015


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Thu, 2017-07-06 13:00


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