Facilities Development, Maintenance & Compliance Section formerly known as Construction and Maintenance Department operated under Estates Department as a section until it was separated in 2006 through a memo from Registrar Administration dated 20th March 2006. The construction and Maintenance Department was previously known as Clerk of Works Division undertaking only development works while physical facilities were under the Estates Department.

The construction and Maintenance Department is charged with the responsibility of maintaining existing physical facilities and developing new ones.

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The Department is charged with the responsibility of developing and managing new capital projects and maintaining the existing physical facilities.

In 2014, the department scheduled the following projects:


1. PROJECT: University of Nairobi Towers

    LOCATION: Main Campus

   STATUS: Complete

2. PROJECT: Kisumu Campus Complex

   PROJECT: Kisumu

   STATUS: Ongoing

3. PROJECT: Partial completion of pharmacy Building


STATUS: Ongoing construction of sewerage Plant

Lower Kabete campus (Proposed)

-Drilling and Equipping of boreholesLower Kabete/ Upper Kabete/CCU Completed

-Partial completion of Lower Kabete Halls of ResidenceLower Kabete (Proposed)

-Library at Kenya Science CampusKenya Science Campus (Proposed)

-Construction of SEMIs Laboratory and seeds plan Upper Kabete Campus Ongoing

-Refurbishment of Taifa HalMain campus (Proposed)

-Lift installation at Jomo Kenyatta Memorial LibraryMain Campus (Proposed)

-Drilling of Borehole at Dental SchooDental School (Proposed)

-Extension of IDIS BuildingMain Campus (Proposed)

-Vertical extension of Library at ChiromoChiromo Campus (Proposed)

-Vertical extension of Engineering Block

-Main Campus

-ProposedConstruction of Human Anatomy AnnexChiromo (Proposed)



The department intends to attract and maintain high caliber and qualified staff to enable us to meet the requirements of developing state-of-the-art physical facilities that support the core functions of the University.

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