Fact file

  • With a fleet of more than 256 motor vehicles and cycles and satellite offices located in various campuses, the Fleet & Logistics Management Section serves a broad spectrum of customers.
  • The Fleet & Logistics Management Section has been guided by the core values of customer service innovation, integrity and excellence in the delivery of services. Over the years, the Section has grown in breadth, depth and quality of transport and motor vehicle repair and maintenance services offered, and its reach in response to an ever-expanding customer base and scope of transport and motor vehicle repair and maintenance services.
  • Successful partnerships with our customers require mutual respect, a shared understanding of expectations and a steadfast commitment to achieving set out goals and objectives. Our commitment to excellence in client service includes investing time to listen to our customers and thoroughly understand not only their transport requirements but also their expectations.
  • As Fleet & Logistics Section has evolved over the years, one thing remains consistent, we are a dynamic section that adapts to change and continues to work towards the future as both key contributors to the achievement of the University goals and objectives and trusted service providers to our customers. We remain dedicated to maintaining a focus on meeting our customers' transport and motor vehicle repair and maintenance needs and delivering the superior service they expect.
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