Service Charter














MANDATE                     SERVICE              REQUIREMENT                   COST              TIMELINES























Allocation of University houses



Applicant must  be a

 university staff

Applicant must apply for the house





A day after release of minutes of the Housing Allocation Committee


Checking out tenants

One month notice to vacate

Clearance of latest utility bills & closure of utility accounts with the service provider & Rent clearance





One month after receiving notice to vacate


Processing of utility bills


Timely forwarding of utility bills






Within one week of receiving

Servicing of Equipment

Executed maintenance contract

As per the contracts

As per the contracts


Payment of rates for university land

Invoices from relevant local authorities

As per the invoices

31st March for every Financial year


Payment of  ground rent for university land

Invoices from the Ministry of Lands

As per the invoices

30 June for every financial year



Rent collection

Quarterly payments in advance

Rent payable as per the lease agreement

Quarterly in advance


Lease Administration

Signed letter of offer by the university management and the landlord

Rent deposit

Lease term

Valuation of assets

Written instructions from the user

Cost of travel

Within 3 weeks of receiving


 Maintenance of facilities

Fill M1 form

Receipt of materials


Within 7 days of receiving materials

Preparation and forwarding of estimates request

Written request


Within 7 days of receiving the request

Motor vehicle repair/servicing

Written request from the user

Availability of funds and spares

As per the estimates

4 weeks of receiving request

Process transport requests

Written request from the user

Approval from COO


5 days prior to date of travel

Issuance of travel permits

Approval from COO


1 day after receiving  of approval

Motor vehicle accidents

Report from the Driver

Provision of relevant documents

A report to Capital Section


Within 24 hours

Motor vehicle Inspection and preparation of specifications

Written request from the user


1 day after approval




Complaints, compliments and suggestions should be forwarded to:

Office of the Director,

Directorate of Facilities Management

University of Nairobi, Main Campus, Estates Block

Harry Thuku Road, P. O. Box 30197 – 00100, Nairobi, Kenya Tel: +254 772 262488

Fax: +254-020-245566, Mobile: +254 732 020207

Toll free line: 0800 221343





Complaints may also be lodged with the Commission of Administrative Justice, Office of the Ombudsman, as follows:

The Commission Secretary/ Chief Executive Officer, Commission on Administrative Justice,

West End Towers, 2nd Floor, Waiyaki Way, Westlands

P. O. Box 20414-00200

Tel:+254 020 2270000 Nairobi

Toll free line: 0800 221349  SMS: 15700


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