Our Services

Our Function in the University

  • To efficiently and effectively manage University Resources
    • Overall management of University Land, building, houses.
    • Pursue acquisition of titles to University land including lease extensions.
    • Payment for land taxes e.g. Land Rates , Ground Rates
    • Valuation of University properties.
    • Proper maintenance, supply and servicing of utilities.
  • To ensure financial sustainability by maximizing returns from University Assets.
    • Rent collection from houses and commercial properties on time to avoid arrears.
    • Reduce voids on houses and commercial properties to avoid loss of returns.
    • Debt reduction, pay rates and ground rent on time to avoid penalties.
    • Secure water meters.
    • Recover rent arrears.
  • To promote the image of the University both locally and internationally
    • Ensure a clean environment.
    • Ensure sufficient waste disposal.
    • Have clearly marked and strategically placed University signs.
    • Ensure water and electricity bills are paid on time.

We adhere to the following principles

  • Serve our clients  with dignity, courtesy and respect
  • Provide efficient and effective service at all times
  • Adhere to ethical  and equitable service provision
  • Uphold transparency, integrity and accountability at all times
  • Maintain appropriate confidentiality.


Our Quality Objectives

  • Ensure University land is secure by having title documents
  • Ensure 100% maintenance and quarterly servicing of facilities (boreholes, lifts, cold rooms, generators and fire fighting equipment)
  • Ensure timely payment of utilities within two weeks of receipt of bills to guarantee continous and adequate supply of water, electricity and other services
  • Increase returns from the university's real estate by 10% annually through rent collection
  • Promote image of the University both locally and internationally by maintaining 100% clean environment and erecting clearly marked and strategically placed University signs.

Our Commitment

  • A healthy, safe and pleasant environment shall be maintained.
  • All complaints received shall be responded to within seven (7) working days.
  • All offices shall be opened by 8.00 am.
  • Electricity and water bills shall be paid within two (2 No ) weeks of receipt.
  • Where a house is vacant and habitable, it shall be allocated within one (1 No ) month.
  • All emergency exits shall be clearly marked
  • All fire extinguishers shall be serviced as per the contracts.
  • All fire assembly points shall be clearly designated.
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